You are only a few steps away from your Graubünden trip is the digital travel companion that informs, inspires and accompanies you before and during your trip in Graubünden. Whether adventure, events, accommodation, transport or insider tips: With you can experience all of Graubünden on one platform.  The digital travel companion suggests experiences personally tailored to you, based on your individual interests, your location and the weather. With you can also book countless Graubünden experiences spontaneously. One travel overview, one shopping cart, one payment: everything from one source. 

How works

  1. Browse through the experiences, transport services, insider tips, events and accommodation

  2. Have you found what you are looking for? Then book your trip incl. journey with just a few clicks

  3. Set off on your Graubünden trip and use the digital travel companion for spontaneous activities, public transport services, tour suggestions and adventure proposals while you're on the move

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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