Arosa Gourmet Express

Culinary through the evening: A three-course menu awaits you on the journey from Chur to Arosa.

Enjoy a delicious three-course menu every Friday while travelling from Chur through the impressive Schanfigg Valley to Arosa and back. An experience for all gourmets and railway lovers.

The three-hour gourmet journey starts in the Alpine town of Chur. In this city mountain magic, nature and a vibrant city life meet. Minutes later, the train curves through untouched nature and the mountain landscapes of Schanfigg. The composition seems to float on the Langwieserviadukt over the Plessur. With a length of 284 metres, this is the largest bridge of the RhB. In winter, the bridge appears in a romantic glow of lights. From a city stroll on rails, the red train on the way to Arosa becomes a mountain railway. The Arosa Bahn climbs 1 000 metres in just 26 kilometres.

From June to November 2021, the Arosa Gourmet Express is «visiting the Rhine Gorge» while renovation work is carried out on the Arosa section! Enjoy a delicious 3-course menu on a trip through the impressive Rhine Gorge from Chur to Disentis and back!

Dates 2021

October November December
15. October 5. November 3. December
29. October 26. November 10. December
17. December


Arosa Gourmet Express as guest in the Rhine Gorge

  • Chur dep. 5.56 PM

  • Disentis/Mustér arr. 7.11 PM

  • Disentis/Mustér dep. 7.44 PM

  • Chur arr. 9.01 PM

Enjoy your aperitif and board the train from 17.30 on platform 11 at Chur station.

Arosa Gourmet Express

  • Chur dep. 7.08 PM

  • Arosa arr. 8.09 PM

  • Arosa dep. 9.07 PM

  • Chur arr. 10.05 PM

Enjoy your aperitif and board the train from 18.45 on the Arosa platform at Chur station.

Culinary delights: these menus await you the upcoming months


Route: Chur – Disentis – Chur

Aperitif Refreshing sparkling wine served with filled vols-au-vent and warm mini cheese quiches

Starter Game ravioli with sage and shallot salsa Vegetarian option: Ravioli filled with local mountain cheese done in sage/nut butter

Main course Stir-fried venison with a pepper/cognac sauce and chanterelles Spaetzle with red cabbage with apple Brussel sprouts with bacon and chestnuts Vegetarian option: Mini vols-au-vent filled with mushrooms and peas

Dessert Vermicelles with local vanilla ice cream and whipped cream

Coffee or tea with pastries

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Route: Chur – Disentis/Mustér – Chur

Aperitif Mulled wine or orange punch Oven-warm aperitif biscuits

Starter Wild ravioli on foamed nut butter with fresh sage and grated mountain cheese Vegetarian: Ravioli with a Grisons mountain cheese filling on nut butter with roasted onions

Main course Chur-style veal geschnetzeltes served with buttered spaetzli and seasonal vegetables Vegetarian: Vegetarian geschnetzeltes served with buttered spaetzli and seasonal vegetables

Dessert Hot apple strudel with vanilla sauce

Coffee or tea with pastries

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Route: Chur – Arosa – Chur

Aperitif Refreshing sparkling wine served with salmon and herb cream-filled mini tarts Vegetarian: Refreshing sparkling wine served with cucumber and herb cream-filled mini tarts

Starter Strong beef broth with vegetable julienne Vegetarian: Lemon ravioli on rocket butter

Main course Veal rollbraten with raw ham and thyme on a red wine jus Potato gratin Winter vegetables Vegetarian: Grilled aubergine with a lentil filling Potato gratin Winter vegetables

Dessert Duet of white and dark chocolate mousse with almond brittle and orange sauce

Coffee or tea with Christmas biscuits

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The catering is provided by Panoramic Gourmet AG - Great views whet the appetite!

Journey including a 3-course menu with aperitif and coffee, excluding other beverages and spirits
Adults CHF 85.00
Children age 10 - 16 CHF 65.00
Children 6 - 10 CHF 45.00

The scenic highlights on your gourmet journey

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Dates 2021

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