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Open scenic carriages

Travelling through Graubünden with the wind blowing through your hair

Wind in your hair, fresh air and no windows: the open scenic carriages allow you to enjoy the best views of the RhB network. The yellow RhB convertibles travel various routes daily throughout the summer. Everyone knows the historic trains between Davos and Filisur, which not only offer nostalgic rolling stock but also an open scenic carriage. At weekends, the yellow scenic carriages travel through the Ruinaulta on the Rhine Gorge Experience train. If you would rather take a trip to Arosa, take the train from Chur at either 10:08 am or 2:08 pm. Or would you prefer to experience the Bernina Line with fresh air? In summer, open-top carriages also travel the UNESCO World Heritage route between St. Moritz and Tirano daily. From St. Moritz, open scenic carriages depart to Tirano at 9:48 am, 2:48 pm and 4:48 pm. From Tirano, they leave at 9:41 am, 11:41 am and 1 pm to head back to St. Moritz. And the best part? To travel in the open scenic carriages, all you need is a 2nd class ticket for the chosen route.

Historical trips

Historical trips

Historical train compositions run twice a day from Davos to Filisur and back again

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Cabriowagen Rheinschlucht

Rhine Gorge Experience train

Fernab von Strassenlärm

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